South Chicago Packing’s Research & Development Chef, Pete Kolavo, is featured in Bake Magazine’s May 2020 Special Report on Dessert Style Donuts.

An excerpt:

A dessert style donut is an indulgent treat that benefits greatly from the right shortening being utilized. Flavor and performance are the most important factors to consider for a bakery when choosing a preferred donut fry shortening. With these products, the key benefits are taste, performance and tradition.

“For me flavor and performance would be up there,” says Peter Kolavo, executive chef for leading shortening manufacturer South Chicago Packing, when considering what product to use in donut frying.“In general, you would like a shortening that tastes great, holds up well under extended high heat cooking applications, is economical and ideally a harder fat for better shelf life and mouthfeel. You want something that enhances, but not overpowers, the end product.”

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